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Sep. 8th, 2015 12:06 am
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  • He's a grump. Forever grumpy.
  • He's Southern as HELL.
  • The most sarcastic doctor on this side of television. Also prone to exaggeration and colorful metaphor.
  • Visible injury irritates him, he will fuss and doctor at you whether you know him or not. He doesn't care.
  • Has a tenancy to do shit with his telekinesis so he can use his hands for more practical applications.

  • He's a doctor, not a soldier! But he will fling shit with his TK and block projectiles as best he can.
  • Boxed as a kid, has some skill with a knife. Will use these with extreme prejudice
  • Takes direction rather than taking point, will fall back and tend to the wounded or play decoy/defense
  • Swears a LOT when he's frustrated. A. Lot.
  • Is not above scruffing people and bailing if shit gets too hairy. He will carry you like a kite if he has to.

  • He's a goddamn Medical Doctor not a happy funtime Nurse. He KNOWS HIS STUFF and you will LISTEN.
  • He uses his hypos with extreme prejudice There may be bruising.
  • A little suffering is good for the soul, don't complain.
  • When he says bed rest he MEANS bed rest. You will rest. In bed. OR ELSE.
  • Or else What? Or else he'll:
    • Handcuff you TO the damn bed.
    • Hide all your shoes.
    • Make leaving without him knowing virtually impossible and he will LOOM like the spectre of your stupid ass death until you go back to bed RIGHT NOW.

  • He is an incoherent blob until he's had coffee. Do not get between him and the coffee.
  • He doesn't sleep in the dark anymore, there's always a light on in his room.
  • He can go from wide awake to dead asleep in a heartbeat no matter where he's sitting, standing, or laying.
  • Going from fast asleep to wide awake also happens nigh instantaneously.
  • Often talks about his crew and their shenanigans, including but not limited to:
    • All the bullshit classes in the Academy.
    • Enterprise Prank Wars.
    • All his crew and their names, their habits, and how they're a pain in his ass.
    • How they saved earth. Twice!
    • How they're determined to give him a heart attack and run him ragged.
  • Tends to record audio logs into his tablet. References to stupid shit done by others or even himself during the day will be mentioned.
  • Things he will mention:
    • His Ex-Wife.
    • The Ranch.
    • His Parents and Grandparents.
    • His practice before the Academy and the divorce.
    • The CAUSE of the divorce.
    • Family recipes.
  • He can bake. He can cook. He makes sure everyone eats HEALTHY with some allowances for junkfood.
  • He drinks when he's stressed.
    • He's stressed a LOT.
  • Never hung over, though, he's too much of a professional. Or is cheating. The world may never know.
  • Things he does not talk about unless prompted and forced:
    • His daughter, Joannah.
    • His renewed fear of space.
    • Admiral Marcus' betrayal.
    • Khan. Just. Khan.
    • The Loss of Vulcan.
    • Losing most of his graduating class because of a madman.
    • Why he gets so wound up about protecting his people.
  • No matter how old you are he'll call you kid or son at some point.
  • Hates the color green now. Not nature green but cold, unfeeling green.

You know he hides shit from other people. Even you. It's nothing personal he just has to compartmentalize to keep himself SANE.
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Leonard McCoy's unsure face
McCoy here, state your emergency.
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CHARACTER NAME: Leonard Horatio McCoy

This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: If everyone in the thread is alright with it, yes.
Fourthwalling: No, please.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): None come to mind.

This is the permissions list for IC (in-character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:

Hugging this character: He will be baffled and if he doesn't know them well, try to shrug them off or push them away because, personal space, really.
Kissing this character: Unless he's romantically involved with the character kissing him, he's not gonna take it well. Again with the shrugging off and shoving away because, dammit, personal space!
Flirting with this character: Just fine, he can be smooth when he wants to.
Fighting with this character: Go ahead. He's taken the requisite hand to hand all Fleet Officers need but he doesn't like fighting.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): He's a doctor, not a punching bag- that said I'm pretty much good with bones being injured as long as there's plenty of ooc communication as to how and why.
Killing this character: I'm good with it as long as there's OOC communication as to how and why.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: If you really want a constant stream of southern medical grump to read over, go ahead.

Warnings: Bones is surly and argumentative and tends to swear when he's pissed.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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Mun name: Belle
Personal journal: N/A
Age: 28
Contact: [plurk.com profile] thesouthernbelle
Pronouns: She/Her
Other characters: N/A

Name: Leonard Horatio McCoy
Canon: Star Trek Into Darkness
Canon point: Post Film, Beginning of the five year mission
Appearance: 100% Grump
Age: 32
Gender: Male


Leonard Horatio McCoy is a doctor in the purest sense of the word. He's a healer. He is compelled to seek out those that are ill, those that are broken, those that are in pain and to set them to rights. He cannot abide a body in pain whether they are a member of his crew, an utter stranger, or even an enemy agent. Pain is pain, and while a little suffering might be good for the soul it is not good for a body that needs mending. He throws himself into his work to avoid looking at his own problems, the ruin of his marriage, the void in his life where his father once was, the shambles of everything he'd built before crawling into the bottom of a bottle and flying off to Starfleet. Normally he's not a man to burn his bridges but when the island is already on fire it's damned hard to hold onto the posts. He ran. He's not proud of running, but he ran all the same. It's hard not to run when the woman you've known and loved for years has turned cold to you, even vicious, and slept around on you with the man you'd won her from in high school. Joyce ruined Leonard's self-esteem in no small way and made him a largely sexless individual for a fair while during his years at the Academy. He had work. he was a doctor, he was busy, he didn't need anyone around him. Why bother? They were all too young or too bright or too optimistic and he was too old and bitter and frustrated to spend the effort of meeting anyone. Which makes his relationship with James T. Kirk all the more remarkable.

One can only guess at the kind of man Leonard was before his father died and Joyce left him, but afterward the word that might sum him up best is introverted. He'd withdrawn from the world in a bad way, unwilling to leave any bit of him exposed for further injury. He'd had enough, dammit, why risk it? Jim yanked him out of that by inches by being a sarcastic, talkative asshole. By being just as broken as Leonard. By not buying into the optimism and the bullshit that came with being a new recruit to Starfleet. And by being just as smart as Leonard if not smarter still, all while playing the idiot. He's a puzzle and a project, a prop and a crutch, someone for Len to work on rather that focus on his own wounds. They're highly physical- Jim just by being a tactile individual and Len by being very hands on when it comes to any kind of work. He trusts the tech he works with only so far and would rather lay his hands on his patients to get a steady feel for their well-being, trusting what he sees and feels. It's an old-fashioned notion, but he's an old-fashioned kind of doctor. Jim skitters along with back slaps and shoulder punches, Len grounds him. Hauls him in and hauls Jim back from the edge, because someone has to. And because for years at the academy, Jim did the same damn thing just by being around when Len would've rather curled up in on himself at the bottom of a bottle.

He's grumpy and irritable and easily made angry, he yells and snipes and uses antiquated metaphors and deliberately provokes people he respects just to get a rise out of them because he cares. At the bottom of it all, he cares. he gives a damn. he gives all the damns. If he didn't care he wouldn't get angry. He'd tried his hand at apathy and it just didn't work. An apathetic doctor is a damn waste of time and he can't be that person, seeing someone hurt or frustrated or acting the damn fool just forces him to care. He's compelled. And he hates it just a little because caring so much is what ruined him- so he gets angry instead. He grumps and bitches and snarls, the more frustrated he is, the more fucks he gives. The more respect he has for someone, the more he speaks out and prods at them to knock them down a few pegs because they're only human. Or Vulcan. Or Andorian. Whatever, the sentiment remains the same.

And goddamn if he isn't a sentimental individual. It comes hand in hand with an old-fashioned upbringing, with a grandfather in the fleet, with living in Georgia and settling down on a veranda. With needing a sense of home in the middle of a ship that's made of everything that terrifies him. He holds onto sentiment because someone has to. Because he cares. Because he needs little concrete reminders of what he's done, where he's been, and where he's going. It's part of his tactile nature.

This sentiment, this humanist nature, this depth of caring and inability to stand a body in pain or a group of people in need along with his temper makes him act out of concern. He does what he feels is right, does what needs doing and damns the consequences. It's not always the best option in the long run and he's shot himself in the foot more than once by doing so, but he's saved a life, a few lives, cured an illness or done something he saw as worthwhile. That above all else sums up Leonard. That he will do what he thinks needs to be done for his patients, for his friends, and for his crew.

History: I'm a doctor, not a historian.

Aspirations: as he insists often, Leonard McCoy is a doctor at heart. A healer. If there's an illness or injury he can mend, he'll mend it. If there's an illness there isn't a cure for? He'll find it. All he wants in his life is to do right by the memory of his father and his family by never putting anyone in the position he'd been put in- and that means researching cures to new and exciting ways to die before they make it back to Earth or any of the space ships, colonies, or stations that Starfleet runs. At the end of Star Trek Into Darkness he manages to create a serum that can cure death itself in insanely specific circumstances. Finding a more legitimate way to offer that level of health to humanity without the gene enhancements that made Kahn the man and monster that he is would be his ultimate goal.

Fears: Space. Or more specifically dying in space. Leonard has gotten over or at least found a way to work around his Aviophobia by the beginning of Enterprise's five year mission but a large part of studying how to heal and cure illnesses is knowing intimately all the ways in which someone can be injured, become ill, or otherwise die terribly. Transporters terrify him due to how they function- the root of most of his fears is a loss of control or being helpless while people are hurt around him. There are a million and one ways to die dirtside, in space, anywhere and McCoy is intimately aware of almost all of them. Not being able to prevent them or mend those injured after the inevitable happens is probably his greatest fear.

Inventory: His medical tricorder and field kit including a hypospray, a dermal regenerator, a spray applicator, and an autosuture.

Magic: Telekinesis
Reason: Having an extra pair of hands as a doctor, even invisible ones, would make Leonard's life a hell of a lot easier. He'd also have the requisite focus and inquisitive nature to explore (study and catalog) the potential of this sort of magic once he stopped freaking out about it. Telekinesis also ties into his bone-deep need for control himself and his environment without the potential disruption of elemental control.

RP samples:

First Person: I'm a doctor, not a magician!

Third Person: It's too damn quiet.

All the action's going down on the bridge now- the ship leveled out, Enterprise bringing them home like she's always managed in the past despite limping and aching and bleeding the whole damn way. He'd a doctor, not a mechanic, not an engineer but he can feel every shudder with the same clench in his gut that he has when he hears a patient in pain. Everyone he's managed to get to and treat in Sickbay is accounted for. Every stacked up cryotube a reminder of the cooling body on the table six inches to his left. It's never quiet when Jim's been dragged in. He sits, he pokes, he flirts, he bitches, he doesn't sit still for anything even when he really ought to and now?

Now he's too damn still. Too damn quiet. Everything McCoy ever wanted in him as a patient save for the fact he's missing a pulse.

There were suits. There were protocols and precautions but he knew without hearing it what Jim's argument would've been. No time. Had to act now. Me or the Crew. Contrary to anything Pike ever said, Jim loved his ship, loved his crew. And they'd loved him back each in their own way; McCoy with his familial fretting that twisted between brother and father at times.

He'd never gotten a chance to try. It's never been like that before- Kirk was injured often and he had to pull something out of his ass to fix him but this time? There's nothing. Not even Leonard McCoy can cure death. It's too damn quiet and he can't break, he won't break, the mission isn't done yet but shards of him are curling up and cracking in his skin, pulse a sluggish beat in his ears about the only thing he can hear until there's a gurgle. His first look is to Jim but that's impossible (gas escaping the body doesn't mean anything means he's gone so goddamn gone), his second? to that damn tribble and...it's moving. It's alive.

Maybe he can pull something off after all.

Notes: Aside from the history as shown in the films I pull a lot of Bone's backstory from the novel Shadows on The Sun, especially in regards to his ex-wife Joycelyn Darnell and his father's illness.
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Sash-Savas Verse

Post ID -- RESEARCH Spock and Bones collaborate to find a cure for Jim's death.

Week One -- DISCUSSION Spock and Bones share lunch and discuss a recent away mission.

Code by [community profile] bannertech.
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Leashed Comet Verse

[Academy Days] Jim breaks into Bones' apartment. They go drinking and learn something important and surprising about one another.

[Academy Days] Jim fucks around with aliens and gets shit somewhere uncomfortable. Bones berates him.

[First Tour] Jim fucks up and needs to be punished. Bones obliges. Catharsis is had.

[First Tour] Jim uses his safeword due to complicated emotions. Bones shifts to accommodate as best he can. Many feels and manly feels are had.

[Second Tour] Jim and Bones have a week earthside after the end of their second tour. They spend it papering one another in the best way they know how.


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